Friday, September 25, 2009

Art is a community experience at the RLV. As a student, you have your own studio space and access to an array of workshop facilities. You will mix with people from many cultures and become immersed in the life of this wonderfully artistic city.
Students and staff encourage a wide range of activities within an atmosphere of trust and support that allows the development of artistic identities with a critical sense that fosters innovation and critical thinking. Within the College of Fine Arts, students are encouraged through a visual language share this with others. It is an imaginative exploration and meditation of creative ideas and concepts, resolved in the production of contemporary art.
RLV College of Fine Arts comprises thirteen subject areas in three specialisd departments: Fine Arts/ Music/ Dances. Within the departments you will find lots of emergent artists, working with and supported by staff and tutors who are artists as well as academics.

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