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Miami J Cervical Collar


• The Miami J Collar is designed to meet the needs of patients afflicted with cervical injuries.

• Trauma centers across the country agree the Miami J Collar provides the best in immobilization comfort and rehabilitation.

• The Miami J Collar will help maintain your neck in the proper position while it is healing.

• The Sorbatex pads were specifically engineered to be anti-decubites, protecting skin integrity during extended wear.


My doctor said I have to have x-rays at my next appointment. Will I have to take off my Miami J Collar when he performs the x-ray?

• No, the Miami J Collar and accessories are latex-free and compatible with all imaging modalities.

What is the best way to clean my Miami J Collar pads? Can I put them in the washer or dryer?

• Your collar pads should be washed by hand using mild facial soap and water. DO NOT use bleach, harsh detergents or put the pads in the washer or dryer.
** For complete cleaning instructions, please see Miami J patient care handbook.

Bone Growth Stimulator (SpinalPak II)


 Following your fusion surgery, your doctor has prescribed the SpinalPak II Fusion Stimulator as an added treatment to your surgery.

 SpinalPak II Fusion Stimulator delivers an electrical treatment signal to the area of your surgery.

 The electrodes deliver the electrical signal to your surgery site which are easy to apply and extremely light weight.

 The signal operates at a high frequency; therefore, you should not feel the signal during your treatment.

 The stimulator is automatically turned-on and ready to deliver treatment.


How many hours do I have to wear my Bone Stimulator?

• The longer you wear your Bone Stimulator, the better the effectiveness of this device - It can even be worn 24 hours a day. You should however, wear your Bone Stimulator for at least 8 to 10 hours a day. Your Physician will instruct you when to discontinue your treatment.

When should I change the battery?

• Your Bone Stimulator pack is equipped with two batteries. Each battery should last for a full 24 hours. Remember to have a battery charging at all times. To help you remember to change your battery, try to change it everyday at the same time.

My unit keeps beeping, why?

• There are two reasons why your Bone Stimulator might beep. First, check to see if the electro pads are secured to your skin. If they are not secure, they need to be replaced with fresh pads. Your unit may also beep if the battery needs to be charged or changed. If your unit continues to beep after performing the above mentioned operations, please call our office and speak with a device support representative to see if the unit needs to be replaced.

I’m running out of electro pads, how do I get more?

• Three packs of electro pads are including with your Bone Stimulator. This amount typically lasts up to three months under normal use. Should you need additional pads please call (800) 526-2579 or contact our Tri-Med main office at (713) 626-2339.

Is it safe to wear my Bone Stimulator in the shower or bath?

• No, always remove your Bone Stimulator before taking a shower or bath. DO NOT place or store this product where it may come in contact with water.

Cryo Therapy System (Heat & Cold)


• The Cryo-Therapy System is used to minimize tissue damage and scarring, to reduce pain and discomfort and to reduce dependency on pain medication.

• Safe for expecting mothers to use during their pregnancy.

• Cold therapy is preferred during treatment of acute injury, sub-acute injury where swelling persists and acute stages of inflammation.

• Heat therapy is used across the body for pain relief, reduction of muscle spasm, increase of local blood flow, facilitate tissue healing and prepares stiff joints and muscles for exercise.

• The Cryo-Therapy System is portable and will operate from your household outlet.


Why is the Cold Therapy System better than an ice bag?

• The cold therapy system consistently and evenly lowers your skin temperature, whereas an ice bag is unable to do so.

How long should I apply the cold therapy?

• Your physician will prescribe the length of time you should use the system daily.

Will my insurance pay for my Cryo Therapy Unit?

• Most insurance companies will approve the Cryo Therapy treatment. However, every insurance plan is different and it also depends on your procedure and diagnosis. Please note, your Tri-Med representative will contact you before your procedure to inform you of your insurance benefits and coverage.

When is it safe for me to apply the heat therapy?

• Always check with your physician before changing your treatment plan.

Lumbar-Loc & Cinch-Loc Back Brace


• The Lumbar & Cinch-Loc Back Brace is indicated for patients following spinal fusion, decompression, or compression fractures of the lumbar spine.

• The high quality mesh material has maximum patient comfort and compliance and it is latex free and neoprene free.

• When the strapping system is closed over the rigid anterior panel, it provides intra-abdominal compression and provides a lift to hold the weight of the abdominal area.

It provides superior pain relief to patients with conditions such as chronic pain, herniated lumbar disc and degenerative disc disease.

The result is a supported and pressure free spine held in a healthy, correct posture.


Do I have to wear my back brace all the time? What about when I’m sleeping?

 This is a question your only your doctor can answer, he or she will give you complete instructions regarding when, and for how long you must wear your brace.

I’m allergic to latex, will I still be able to wear the back brace?

The Lumbar-Loc & Cinch-Loc back braces are latex-free and neoprene free, therefore you will not have a reaction from brace use.

Can I wash my brace in the washer machine or dry in the dryer?

The Best way to clean your brace is by hand and in the sink with a mild soap. DO NOT use harsh chemicals or bleach. Lay your brace flat to dry. (Before washing the Lumbar-Loc, remember to remove the foam insert.)

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